Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Tribute To Blues, Jazz and Women

Grooving blues and the amazing talent of Barbara Dennerlein & Emily Remmler (and their band).  Classic video and a great song!  Hope you like it!  Stormy Weather blues for a stormy day.  Organ solo at 2:28. Guitar solo at 4:05.  Sax at 5:33.  The bassist uses very catchy and groovy phrasing! 

Barbara once again, on a pipe organ.  Solo. 
And some Gypsy Jazz for the finale.  One of my favorites of Django and Grapelli.  Grapelli never played the same thing twice. He always improvised.  Django could only play with two fingers on his left hand.  The others were disabled. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Making Musical Memories: The Messiah Will Come Again

Roy Buchanan:  Not well known.  One of the best guitar players out there.  Interpretation of words to notes was his specialty and makes his music speak more clearly than most orators.  This song makes me cry for some reason.  Many of his music does.  He died mysteriously in a Virginia jail.  Two days before my birth. 

Watch the whole thing.  Serious.

Site Stash: only notions

Laugh, cry, be inspired.  Read Only Notions


Monday, February 27, 2012

Song Stash: Elizabeth Mitchell

We love to dance as a family.  Here is an artist that we found when Naomi was just a few months old and still listen to a lot.  Naomi really loves her music and it's enjoyable for us too.  Among Jerry Garcia and David Grisman's "Not Just For Kids" Album, is Elizabeth's "You Are My Little Bird" 
Her name is:  Elizabeth Mitchell

The Website To Check Out:  You Are My Flower

Her songs are sweet and fun with a lot of folk and great deliverance. 

We love Elizabeth Mitchell!  Hope you do too.  Here is another video, just for fun!  In case you didn't realize it, Spring definitely seems to be here.  We walked through a meadow yesterday with plants sprouting and budding all around.  The onion grass was sweet and sun was a bright warming sphere.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Four Random Pictures

 Naomi loves Grandma's raspberry jam! 

Today we went to our local library.  A place within walking distance of our house.  When I asked to apply for a library card, she asked me to write my name and address on a cue card and didn't check my identification or any of those bureaucratic traditions I've long tried to understand.  She let me take books home and the whole thing is based on honor.  Same experience at the post office (which is in the same building as the general store, the only other commercial business in town).

What a refreshing experience to discover a place so simple and sweet. I am so thankful. 

Naomi is potty training and doing really well.  She's also learning colors and how to sing Old MacDonald Had a Farm.  She loves Dr Seuss. 

 Mmmm...bagels with cream cheese, celtic sea salt and garlic!
Our first Etsy model:  Find this attractive sweater for sale in our store in a few days!  And this Tshirt is already posted.  :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Prior Proper Planning

I'm wrestling with how to blog and not have instant internet access.  The answer is to pre-write my blogs.  So, sorry I haven't been on the ball yet, but soon, we will be all together again! 

Much love from sunny New Hampshire!

Raw Milk Loving and Friend Making Time

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A New Lynays Artist! Josh Swartwood

Josh Swartwood- Draw-er; designer; novice printer (screen printing, block printing, stencil), typography enthusiast, but even more enthused by my wife and six children. Inspired by fresh outlooks on truth as revealed through enlightenment by the Spirit.

This new artist will be featured on our etsy page within the next week.  Keep posted to see his work!

 peace, love, lynays

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What Of Late

What of late.  Naomi potty training.  Living in the hills of New Hampshire.  Waking up in the mornings to snow and clouded mountain tops.  We have no running water, which is great!  Hand washed laundry, creative approaches to saving water and making it last.  We have a composting toilet, which is great.  No one will ever have to lament of clogging it!  No internet at home.  Seeing friends.  Yum yum.

Much love,

SALE! Art co-op celebration!

We are having a grand re-opening sale to highlight our joy at being an art co-op.  This includes all pendants in this posting:

4 for the price of 3!

SALE!  Any of the above pendants can be mixed and matched for a stellar deal!  3 for $25 or 4 for $30!  This is at least 20-30% off!  Because this is special to us, we will gladly string any up on adjustable 1 mm hemp cord at no extra cost!  It won't last long, so get yours today!  We will update this as they sell.

These borosilicate pendants were lovingly glassblown by Michael, a glass artist currently from New Hampshire.  They are sturdy and beautiful.  You could stare into the designs for hours, especially in the sun!  Each is approximately 1" in length or diameter.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

Etsy: Who We Are, Where We're Going!

With news on the horizon, we bring you an announcement of our online store!  Lynays Handcrafts is now an art Co-op with four separate artists contributing their hand-crafted beauties of screen-prints, block-prints, glassblowing, knitting and we will be announcing new partnerships in the near future.  The goal is to create and share top-quality art at affordable prices.  In case you're unfamiliar with our arts focus, here is some information on Mike and Grace, the original Lynays artists.

Mika the glass blower, husband, papa and a la carte artist.  Grace the business person, wire wrapper, photographer, marketer, wife and mama.  Naomi the baby.
            In a second story studio in the hills of New Hampshire, Mike is at his work station surrounded by tools and rods of borosilicate glass and tubes.  His flame reaches toward a sky of mountains and winds and is filtered out through a three-fan ventilator.  His kiln rests on the counter behind him.  Oxygen and propane are feeding the flame. 
            Grace is a few feet away, downstairs, usually doing research, learning, editing, playing with Naomi, wire wrapping, knitting, playing music, taking photos or blogging. 
             The background is filled with inspiring music.  To find out what inspires us lately follow our blog. 

        Our faith in the heavenly father Yahweh (the Hebrew name for the Creator, the Great Spirit) carries us all the way.  He is the Way, the Truth, the Light and the Inspiration.  We could call ourselves transcendentalists/naturalists.  Thoreau and Emerson are huge influences.  May the light spread like wildfire!

     >Our Wholesale Line<
              We sell pendants without a cord or necklace, unless otherwise noted.  These are pieces for your creation!  If you would like us to braid it (macrame) onto hemp or on a chain, it costs $2.50 extra per single string, chain, or ribbon or $5.00 extra per fully braided necklace.  Just send us a convo and we will be glad to assist your needs.
              All vintage items are bought locally and we guarantee that they are 100% vintage. 
       >Wire Wrapped<
              Our wire wrapped items are all either handmade, or hand foraged in sustainable ways in order to keep the earth in its natural balance.

If your piece breaks honestly, we will replace it for you no questions asked whatsoever.  The replacement will be chosen.  Due to the handmade factor, we can not guarantee it would be exactly the same.

 Borosilicate is durable glass and is not fragile. We have dropped a glass pendant on pavement while selling it and it didn't break, even more impressing the customer, who then bought it.


peace, love, lynays