Tuesday, July 29, 2014

From Lynchburg, VA to Harrisonburg, VA - 1,500 Miles

 Day 62 - REST in Lynchburg
Day 63 - 37 Miles from Lynchburg, VA to Lowesville, VA

 Day 64 - REST in Lowesville, VA
Day 65 - 25 Miles from Lowesville, VA to Waynesboro, VA

Day 66 - 36 Miles from Waynesboro, VA to Harrisonburg, VA

26 Weeks Pregnant

Day 67 - REST

Day 68 - Leave on the Petrol Free Jubilee Tour

Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Alternative Almanacs

Over the past year I have come across a new hobby.  I have been collecting grassroots-created alternative almanacs.

The first one I came across was produced by the Greenhorns and it blew me away.  The Greenhorns Almanac is pure beauty in my eyes.  Based on preparing the next generation of farmers with timeless information, articles and art, new and old, the Greenhorns Almanac is a source of inspiration, practical knowledge and beauty to feed the soil and to feed the soul.

While at Wild Goose, I came across another Almanac.  This one is called "Wretch" and is more like a pocket calendar with alternative Christian information such as different forms of meditation, articles on peace and justice, notable people and dates of events in the historical Christian calendar, scripture verses, resources and lots of gorgeous art.  I have been carrying mine around and taking daily notes in it.  I love it!

These almanacs are always taking submissions from artists, writers, etc.  If you are either of the above, you should seriously think about submitting articles, drawings or resource information.  

Day 23 to Day 61... 1,400 Miles Done!

It's been a while since I did a big update.  Here is the layout of all our riding days and rest days since the last update back in June.

Day 23 - 6/16 - 13 Miles from Boone, NC to Moses Cone Folk Craft Center (camped in the woods).
Day 24 - 6/17 - 30 Miles on Blue Ridge Parkway
Day 25 - 6/18 - 27 Miles on Blue Ridge Parkway to Mile Marker 350
Day 26 - 6/19 - 39 Miles from Blue Ridge Parkway to Asheville, NC

          Day 27-29 - 6/20 - 6/22 - REST

Day 30 - 6/23 - 37 Miles from Asheville to Hot Springs, NC

          Day 31-38 - 6/24 - 6/30 - WILD GOOSE FESTIVAL

Day 39 - 7/1 - 37 Miles from Hot Springs to Asheville, NC

           Day 40 - 7/2 - REST in Asheville

Day 41 - 7/3 - 73 Miles from Asheville
Day 42 - 7/4 - 68 Miles to Charlotte

           Day 43-44 - 7/5 - 7/6 - REST in Charlotte

Day 45 - 7/7 - 100 Miles from Charlotte to Pinehurst, NC

           Day 46-57 - 7/8 - 7/19 - REST in Pinehurst and West End, NC

Day 58 - 7/20 - 59 Miles from Uwharrie National Forest to Winston-Salem, NC
Day 59 - 7/21 - 53 Miles from Winston-Salem, NC to VA State Line
Day 60 - 7/22 - 53 Miles from VA State Line to Hurt, VA
Day 61 - 7/23 - 34 Miles from Hurt, VA to Lynchburg, VA

We love this penny mural.  It's a compass and our friends Donnie and Sarah made it by hand.  The whole thing.  It's quite a sight to see!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Charles in Charge"

As if the heat isn't enough...
As if my over-extended tendon wasn't bothering me enough...
As if this ride was taking longer than we thought it should....

"Hey Mike, today is one of those days when you get the theme song to Charles in Charge stuck in your head on loop for hours."

"What's Charles in Charge?  Can you sing it?"


"Charles in Charge...of our days and our nights" 

"I have no idea what that is."

...pedaling, pedaling, pedaling, out of breath... 


By the way, what was that guy's name?  S...S....scott...michael...bayd....baye....scott...bay.....


...pedaling, pedaling, pedaling, out of breath...

Scott Baio....just in case you all were wondering...

Monday, July 21, 2014

Black Eye

Day 1- Naomi's eye collides with cousin's head on trampoline.  Very swollen.  Apply Young Living's Lavendar Oil.

Day 2- Swelling nearly gone!  Bruising healing fast! Apply Young Living's Lavendar Oil.

I love this stuff!  One of the main used oils in our first aid and wellness kit!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Blueberry Blessing and a Sleeping Sister

Above:  The ultimate blueberry bush at Uncle Tim and Aunt Lynn's house.  Blueberries galore!  I had so many that I can't eat anymore!  Etienne has a blueberry-ink stain in the diaper region from eating so many.  

Below:  A most candid moment between a sleeping Naomi and a sweet, comforting, take-a-snuggle-while-you-can-because-sister-won't-let-you-if-she-was-awake Etienne.

 Today we rode about 60 miles.  We made great time and had a cool, overcast, misty day to ride with.  So thankful!

Friday, July 18, 2014


Soon we will be posting an assortment of technical information posts.  I know, that sounds boring!  But...I promise, they will be informational and funny.  Among them will be posts about our mobile experiences using Young Living essential oils, which we've been hooked on for about two years now.

I am so excited to announce that I will now be contributing to oilmoms.com, which is a collaborative website and blog for everything from essential oil tips and suggestions to DIY crafts, inspiration, family and beautiful things.

Go over to Oil Moms and get great information.  Also learn how to get ahold of Young Living's Essential Oils.  HERE

Read the Oil Moms blog HERE

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Great Bionicle Battle

 A great bionicle battle ensued upon my bicycle today:

We're visiting our family.  The boys left these toys laying precariously in the bushes beside my bicycle.  Nobody was hurt.