Wednesday, December 28, 2011

From Emory, TX

When we left off, we were headed to Arkansas.  As plans tend to get diverted, and rightfully so, they did, a bit.  Just a few hours after the last post, we followed signs to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.  Where we thought we were, wasn't where we were. But putting annoyance aside in the hopes of divine intervention, we kept following signs toward the primitive camping sites. They took us to some country roads and at around 11:30 PM we pulled to a fork in the *deserted, dirt* road.  To the right was Passover Rd., to the left, another name of less importance.  So we turned right and drove about 1/2 mile on a dark, one-lane-pine-tree-surrounded road.  Suddenly, a vast blackness and only a sandy colored gravel leading to it, filled our vision.  It was rather frightening, but Mike inched the car along and we saw the gravel continued to the right, so he followed.  The lights splashed across numbered posts and an outhouse.  Noone in sight.  We turned off the car and jumped out into the daunting, thick darkness. 

Honestly, it was terrifying.  The silence and complete lack lights was so foreign, my wild animalistic instincts had me on high alert.  When I thought I was hearing something bounding through the woods toward me, I realized it was the mist falling off the leaves on the trees and landing on the bed of organic mulch below. Yes, that's quiet.  In times of past, we've had to hike in for six or more hours to get that kind of silence.  This was an unexpected treat.  Some of our hobbies in life include finding the most silent places we can.  We knew it was a blessing. 

Mike and I walked toward the blackness and realized it was a lake.  The lake of the Ozarks.  The water was so crystal clear, he walked right into it.  When we're in such a pristine, sacred and natural place, it's hard to use flashlights or other worldly devices.  It's special.  The vibes are so unadulturated and we feel the presence of the Great Father, the Creator, when we're around that environment.  We spent the night.

The next morning was beautiful and we got some video that we'll be sharing soon.  We drove to Arkansas and arrived at Ouachita (pronounced Watchitaw) National Forest.  Similar story, drove on a back road for a few hours and when we couldn't drive anymore, we stopped and made a little campsite beneath the pines (video to come also).  What a silent and wonderful retreat.  We love to be in nature.  The night was peaceful, no wild animal sounds that are so typical in places like that.  The next morning we heard some sort of military missile range or some such place.  But that didn't last and we had a peaceful time.  Spent another night there and left in the morning for Emory. 

Arrived in Emory on Friday.  The weekend was full of fellowship, services and meeting lots of new people.  We learned more names just this weekend than we have in the last six or so months.  And the people were all so wonderful.  Naomi came down with a chest cold and fever and we're getting over that slowly but surely.  There were so many little kids for her to run with.  What an amazing weekend.  There are so many great people around here and that traveled into town for the event.  We were so blessed.  We played two songs after the Sabbath service and had some late-night musical sessions with various people.  The weekend was full of music from many gifted people.  It was a prime time to sit and be blessed by their gifts. 


Some of our new friends have opened their home to us and we are so thankful.  They are wonderful and worthy of great blessings!  In the morning, the plan (we'll see how that goes.  he he) is to leave and be on our way to Cisco.  One of the many things that has touched me this weekend was realizing just how many people my grandfathers ministry affected positively.  People are always telling me how his ministry affected their life and lives of their family.  I've heard such beautiful things.  When you're on the road travelling, you're vulnerable and your senses are enlivened.  Things can get intense fast.  We have been blessed beyond measure while traveling!

Til we meet again,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Walts Bicycle, Fitness and Wilderness Company

On the road again, sitting outside a cool store: Walt's Wilderness. To Arkansas to see cave paintings and soak in hot springs. 
This night will probably look something like this:  Drive a little, hang out, take a nap, play some music, take another nap, drive some more, hang out in the Ozarks by morning!!!! 
We've had a great time in Rocheport, hanging out with old and new friends.  Wonderful people!  It's been a blast! Thanks to all who've welcomed us.  It's been great sharing about the necessity to home-roast your own coffee.  I know we've convinced some of the taste difference!  Why does everyone always say we look like we use herbs and eat organic?  Ha ha. Well I guess we do.  Maybe we smell like garlic (which we do).  Roasted a pound of coffee beans this morning and are sipping h-h-high quality COfe (H2O). :)
Sorry there's no pictures.  We've got no camera.  Or else I'd be sharing some amazing sights.  :(

Lydia says "When you're traveling with Mike and Grace, be prepared for ANYTHING.  I wish I would've brought toilet paper.!"

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Was that real?!

Most of the trip was pretty uneventful. Beautiful weather was the norm, Indiana was all rain, ceasing almost instantly upon entering Illinois. The roads were mostly calm and quiet, with the occasional interruption of turbulence from the passing tractor trailer. I was the sole witness to something that in my mind can only be described as a flying saucer. The funny thing was that it wasn't flying.
It was about 2:00am, I was the only one awake out of the four of us. I had been sipping on some coffee, contemplating the mysteries of the universe; good, evil, Yahshua, his teachings, and how they apply to our daily lives. The radio was off now. The broadcast had sounded different than other radio shows. Very polished and clean, hardly any commercials. It was a lesson in history. The story of a man who attempted to kill a president. I can't remember any names or dates clearly but what sticks in my mind is the story of the man's life. He had a history of being dishonest and stealing.  Sins presented along with other facts about his life. The commentator was sharing the history in such a way that lead the listener to believe that everything about him was evil. He and his wife were homeless. They had very few possessions and they traveled a lot. The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man has no where to lay his head. Killing, lying, and stealing are evil, being homeless is not, nor does it lead to evil. Sin is evil. People will try to impose their point of view and they will call evil good and good evil. Let us know the difference between good and evil and choose to set aside our own will, and do the will of the Father.
It initially caught my eye as it crested a hill in the distance. It was a parade, a giant convoy! Leading the way were four police cruisers with lights on, followed by several other escort vehicles with flashing yellow lights. It was being transported by a tractor trailer. It was an exceptionally wide load, the truck was driving in the center of a two lane highway. That alone is probably enough to explain the police escort. It was dark. The only illumination was from the headlights around it. It was shaped like a giant disc, extremely aerodynamic. As it got closer I was able to see that it was metallic and it had landing gear. No cockpit, more like drone, with no visible place for a person to sit. There were small reflectors on the front and back of the object. 10 to 20 tractor trailers were in tow. Then... empty highway. I found myself wishing I could hit rewind. If only I had a pause button. I would have stared for hours, got out of my car and walked around it, tried to climb inside and sit in the pilot seat. That was awesome! Why wasn't there a tarp on it!? Was that real!?
After the adrenaline and coffee wore off, around 4:00am I couldn't drive anymore. We stopped at a rest area for a couple minutes. Grace woke up and took over driving. The St. Louis skyline stood in the distance with glowing highlights. A truck-stop just across the boarder in Illinois was our home for a few hours. The sun came up and we were rested enough to contemplate going to the City Museum in St. Louis.

My sister posted this link this morning.  Mike has confirmed that it's the same aircraft:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


For lack of an audience, I'm afraid the prize goes unclaimed.  :)  Homeschooling has been so fun.  We are doing oral and written lessons 8 hours per day.  Lydia is doing so great and improving quickly.  Our focus is on building a good foundation:  1.  How to listen.  2.  How to read.  3.  How to write.  4.  How to search out answers.  5.  How to study.  I believe that when a pupil masters these things, they are capable of any area of study. 

The tour is still being rearranged a bit.  Stay tuned for updated dates.  We've added one in.  The time is approaching fast.  In just a few days we will be off and onto adventure.  We are tying up loose ends, Mike is cranking out glass-work, and we've been home-roasting batches of coffee for the road.  I'm working on a knitted hat and have been stumped by a technique.  I must go and find instructions on how to do it. 

Until next time,

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thank You

There are so many wonderful people in our lives who bless us in so many ways. We sometimes get so caught up with our daily routines and duties that we forget about those who are closest to us. Our lives would be truly empty if it were not for the people that we interact with every day. We would not be able to travel and share what the Father has blessed us with if it were not for the blessings we receive from others. We sometimes forget to say these things, but we pray that it never be forgotten.
We can see the Father all around us. He is in every living thing. He is the air that we breath, He is the breath in our lungs, He is the blood in our veins, He is the Light in the sky, He is the Wind in our hair, He is time itself, He is our newborn baby, He is the love in our hearts, He is the stream of pure flowing water, He is the work in our hands, He is the thoughts in our mind, He is the word in our heart, He is the word on our lips, He is the bread that gives life, He is Alive.

Friday, December 2, 2011

On The Road Again..Almost!

The Father has provided us with a reliable vehicle for the trip now and are gearing up for a lot of stops along our official dates.  We'll be playing in homes, fellowships, coffee shops, etc.  If you are in a certain area, or know of a person in an area that we may be going by, just send us a comment and we'll get it all worked out.  We love to hang out with new friends.

Obviously there will be a lot of updates along the way.  Check out our links page for our new Twitter and Facebook accounts, too.

Can't wait to see you all near and far!  Stay warm.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Demo Release and Return

We arrived safely in Pennsylvania on Monday.  Playing at Eaton Rapids was a great experience.  Seeing old friends, making new ones and sharing lots of music put us on a buzz that lasted quite a while and is still ringing now.  There was a great turnout.  Our many thanks to everyone at Eaton Rapids for their help and assistance, to everyone who came, to  for partnering with us and our huge thanks to the Father who got us there and back!

Now available on and is our new diy demo (just until we get in the studio for real).  You can download the songs on ReverbNation and can stream them on both ReverbNation and Grooveshark.

Also in the News arena is our new name:  Come To Call , the official name of our band.  The demo is called "Demos For Friends".  Our tour is called The Water Can Tour, and the Water Can is our current logo.  Just to keep you all up to speed.  On Grooveshark, it is temporarily named The Water Can (the artist).  We'll be working on that glitch.

We'll be on the road again for our second show in three weeks.  All the dates are as follows, we will be playing smaller venues between these more official ones.  We'll update on where and when we will be places:
December 17th- Rocheport, MO
December 24th- Cisco, TX
December 31st- Augusta, GA
January 7th- Virginia Beach, VA
January 14th- Bronx, NY
January 20th- VT

Stay posted

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Band Without a Van

Yahweh is good.  We're trusting he'll help us get to Michigan before the 26th (our first scheduled date).  The van is not in service because the Head Gasket is on it's way out very quickly.  Now we're a band without a van for the trip that we were planning to leave for in 4 days.  It's so good this didn't happen a week from now and leave us stranded in between PA and Michigan somewhere!  For this we are so grateful.  Still looking forward to touring around and playing music with a bunch of new and old friends.

Our tentative schedule looks like this:
November 22 and/or 29- Lansing, MI
November 26- Eaton Rapids, MI
December 3- Rocheport, MO
December 10- Cisco, TX
December 15- Biloxi, MS
December 17- Augusta, GA
December 24- VA Beach, VA
December 31- NYC, NY
January 7- NH/ VT
January 14- Philadelphia, PA
January 21- Frystown, PA

We'll be stopping along the way and saying hello to a lot of people we know in different areas.  Hopefully have many musical moments and memories to carry with us. With us will be the band and great friends, Self Aside.

If our dates change, we will keep everyone posted.  SEE THE FLYER BELOW


Friday, November 4, 2011

Rest Easy

William D. Swartz

William D. "Willie" Swartz entered into eternal rest unexpectedly on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at MS Hershey Medical Center. Only 14 years old, Willie was a true champion. Overcoming physical disabilities as a double transplant survivor Willie never looked back. His contagious smile was his signature trademark and will be sincerely missed by those who had the honor of knowing him. Willie will be deeply missed by his parents and family, Keith and Angela (Halbleib) Swartz, his sister, Jazmine, and brother, David Swartz of Mount Joy.

Willie was an eighth grade student at Donegal Middle School and loved playing his favorite PlayStation video games Grand Theft Auto and Little Big Planet. He especially enjoyed going to the beach at Ocean City, MD and camping with his family. Willie loved being around people, and found it easy to communicate with friends and strangers alike. His personality was genuine and a natural gift from God, which we were blessed to have shared in Willie’s life journey.

In addition to his parents and siblings, Willie will be deeply missed by his maternal grandparents: Larry and Judy Halbleib, of Bainbridge, and paternal grandparents: Eileen F. Kranch of Rheems and Gary Swartz of Mount Joy; maternal great-grandparent Elizabeth Gutshall of Bainbridge; paternal great-grandparents: Eileen E. Kranch of Rheems and Marguerite Swartz of Elizabethtown.

A Celebration honoring Willie’s life will be held at Florin Church of the Brethren, 815 Bruce Avenue, Mount Joy on Saturday, November 5, 2011 at 4 PM with Rev. David Tressler officiating. Friends may view and visit with the family from 2 until 4 PM. Interment will be private. In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions in Willie’s name may be directed to the Nemours Fund, Children’s Health Dept., Shands House, 1600 Richland Rd., Wilmington, DE 19803, Attn: Child Life Department. Online condolences may be directed to Sheetz Funeral Home, Inc, Mount Joy.

Note from Mike and Grace:
Willie was our next door neighbor. He just moved in a couple weeks ago. We didn't get to know him very well. When we would see him out front of his house with his dog we would wave and say hello and he would wave and smile back. Willie is at rest now, but will be raised up on that great day. We will all be in the presence of Yahshua and the Father, surrounded by eternal light. Kieth and Angie, his parents, are great people, keep them in your prayers that they may be comforted.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Whirlwind and Great News

I know, it has been a while.  Since the last time we blogged, Grace started a 40 hr/week class, we had a flood, Feast of Tabernacles and all the other life happenings haven't stopped either.  It's been so wonderful!  Not much time for blogging however.  Let's start this off with the good news...

Lynay-s is a featured local artist in the Silver Moon Gallery at Park City Mall (Lancaster, PA). Check out the store's website:

We currently have four pendants on display, and will be delivering many more within the next few weeks.    It's a great blessing to be on display with such fine artists local and national, we couldn't be more thankful!  If you're at Park City sometime soon, make sure to stop in and find our stuff!  You'll see our business card beside our display.

Feast of Tabernacles was a blast.  It was so uplifting, inspiring and full of the Great Spirit!  I've never felt anything like it in any years previously.  We were overwhelmed with joy and blessings.  Mike and I were the youth leaders for ages 12+ and had 27-30 kids in our group.  It was a handful, but so fun!  Pictures soon...

 Hurricane Lee dumped 10-20 inches of rain on Lancaster County.  We are already WAY over our records for this year and are forecasted to get 6-12 inches of SNOW TONIGHT...Before November 1st!  I've been warning our snow crew of a wet and blizzardy winter.  Now they'll see why.  The tides off the coast of Washington and California predict it perfectly every year.  Back to Lee, however... 

A few feet of water in the basement, lost a lot of stuff, but haven't felt better!  We can fit all our possessions in the van now.  It is so liberating!!!

We were blessed to receive funding for a new guitar from our fellowship family and gifts from friends and family as well.  The love of the Father truly provides. The insurance covered the house's heating system. 

It took me a while to write this, it is now snowing and coming down at around an inch an hour.  A baseball sized snowflake just fell on our windshield!  Going down to Smoketown because Mike is on call tonight and we want to be ready to bunk before the roads get super bad.  Already have over an inch and it looks like it may be 6-11 more inches.  Again, NOT EVEN NOVEMBER YET.  :)

Peace, Love, lynays

More later

Monday, August 22, 2011

 We love fermented foods.  If you don't know anything about it, it's the natural and original way to pickle things.  True sauerkraut is lacto-fermented, NOT pasteurized and soaked in vinegar.  The difference is an amazingly healthy antibiotic, probiotic and health tonic vs. a sodium loaded junk food.  Check out this link if you want to know more about the history.  Lacto-Fermentation
 Here we are washing jars.  Got them super cheap at our local MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) thrift store. 
 Here are lids, cherry tomatoes from the garden and free cucumbers from our Amish raw milk suppliers.
 I put all the tomatoes into boiling water and immediately removed them directly into ice water.  This keeps the nutrients and causes the skin to separate from the tomato.  Dip out the tomato, peel the skin, place pulp in green bowl and skin in white for compost.
 As described above.
 Tomatoes in ice water.
 Just one of the three bowls of our tomato harvest that we fermented.  I've got 3 more bowls to ferment today.
 Ugly cucumbers.

 Here is the end result of our salsa.  Make sure tomatoes are cup up really good, add in onion, garlic, some green pepper, a little salt, whey (left over from making yogurt), tons of HOT PEPPERS and cover tight.  This is THE BEST hot salsa I've ever had!  Great thing is, 1.  It's raw.  2.  It's a probiotic.  3.  It is really hot and spicy.  4.  It's almost completely free!!! (Just maybe a penny for each jar (the salt and whey byproduct from making yogurt)).  5.  It is super fast and easy.

 Cucumbers in water and whey/salt/spices.
 8 jars of cucumbers, 6 jars of kickin salsa
 Add cabbage, cardamom seeds and whey and salt.  Mash (by hand) for a while till there's a lot of juice.
 Cabbage is incredibly juicy when bruised.  Who knew?
 There was tons of juice.
 Then just put it into jars and let sit.

2 hours worth of work, $1.50 worth of materials, enough health food to last a family 6 months.  This will KILL colds, flus, stomach ailments, any sickness or candidas.  This will give you energy, fix your intestines, stomach, colon with beneficial bacteria, thus healing your body.  Great for many many ailments.  It's a no brainer!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Water Can Zine Issue 1 Release

Here is the first ever issue of THE WATER CAN, a lynays quarterly zine.  To subscribe or to subscribe for someone you know, to the snail mail version, please send an email to lynays.give  @ with name/address and preferably either a phone or email. We would gladly send one.

Pages 1 and 2
Pages 3 and 4


Homemade Laundry Detergent

 We tried this recipe on (CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE)  to make our own liquid laundry soap.  The articles I've read on numerous websites report that this method only costs 2 cents per load, whereas even the worst and cheapest detergent at most stores averages at 9 cents per load.  This is pretty substantial in my mind so I had to try it.

Here is the grating of the soap (I didn't use Fels Naptha because I wanted to try a local soap first).

 Here is the mixture heating and the ingredients minus the bar soap (in the pot).  I got the washing soda and borax at our local grocery store.
Here it is cooling.


The process took a total of 10 minutes to make 2.5 gallons.  It was cheap, easy, and we are now through with the 2.5 gallons of laundry soap.  It worked TERRIFIC on all our clothes including the diapers.  I will never buy soap again.  This is easy and cheap and smells GREAT.

Next post...our new concentrated powdered version of homemade laundry detergent.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What Season?

Lately, (since August 1st) it's felt like September!  The summer seems to be running away very fast and the last few weeks have been temperate, windy, rainy, overcast.  It's a real phenomenon in my life experience.  As a tribute to the coming fall, I've put a picture of a cappuccino from scratch that we (famously and) regularly make here.  If you happen to be here and are curious, just ask and we'll whip one up for you:
That's Nutmeg sprinkled on the top of frothy steamed RAW Jersey milk and espresso (chocolate too) in a vintage Japanese made beer stein.  
They are so good.


 And since "flu season" is coming, here's a simple home herbal tea to mix up.  It will cure colds, congestion, coughs, aches, pains, stomach ailments etc.  etc.  And almost all the ingredients should already be in your spice cabinet.   Just find the ones that you have, throw a tea together and feel better almost instantly:

1 Part Oregano (incredibly effective cold and flu remedy, intrigues the immune system promoting health and vitality)
1 Part Thyme (again, an amazing remedy for all things cold and flu, as above)
1-2 Parts Peppermint, Spearmint or Wintergreen Leaves (In case you didn't know, mint is an incredible plant.  We use it as a tea internally, also in a bath or rubbing a drop or two of the oil externally to remedy everything from aches, pains, headaches, anxiety, sleeplessness, sore throats, swollen glands, congested lungs, congested sinuses, allergies, etc.)  You can find it in most meadows, along side (relatively non polluted roadsides for health reasons) roads, in streams, on wet banks in the sun, etc. and pick, replant at your house or dry for year round use.
1 Part Ginger (Stomach ailments, good for the immune system, tastes good, sweetens teas, etc.)
Pinch of Cinnamon, Fennel Seeds or Aniseed (as a natural sweetener and cure all stomach ailments, lack of energy, immune booster)

You can always use Echinacea leaves or roots, home-ground Black Pepper, Cayenne Pepper, Lemon Peel or Lemon Juice, Onions, Horseradish, Garlic (or Garlic Powder), Sage and many more for all sorts of ailments.  

TEA RECIPE:  I boil water, then pour it over my herbs (in a mason jar on a very warm surface) to fill the jar, wrap in a towel and cover tightly with a lid keeping the essential healing oils in.  Let sit for 10 to 30 minutes in the warm place.  You can strain the herbs.  I take them internally because I don't want to waste any nutrients, but you don't have to.  

For pulling congestion or infection out of the body through the skin (from a localized area like the lungs or an internal ailment), don't forget about potatoes or mustard!  Slice or grate potatoes, pack onto skin, cover with a towel, bandage or ace bandage (hot is good, but it can be room temperature) and let it sit as long as you can.  Potatoes will pull any infection right through the skin.  I used it for mastitis and an abscess and it really really worked!  It burned, because the infection was bad, but it worked better than anything.  The fever decreased within an hour of application and continued to fall over a few hours.

For mustard, make sure you don't put it directly on the skin (for ground mustard powder made into a hot paste).  Fold the hot paste between a piece of fabric and apply to skin for 1 minute.  Then take off and wait a bit.  Repeat if necessary after an hour or so.  For regular mustard, heat it and rub it right in.  Put a hot towel over it.  Rest for a LITTLE WHILE like 15 minutes.  Rinse.  Reapply every hour until you start getting substantial relief.  Use topical remedies in conjunction with soothing effective internal ones.

Hope no one gets sick, but the seasons are changing and that's when my body is tested the most.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cherry Tomato Harvest and Snack

 When our cherry tomatoes first came up, we were dying to have some fresh fruit of the summer.  We ran up to the grocery and got some pumpernickel bagels and made these awesome and nutritious snacks!

Immunobooster Snack:

Pumpernickel Bagels
Toast + Smear with whipped dill cream cheese (whip cream cheese, add fresh dill, herbs and celtic sea salt)  (or Greek Yogurt)  + Place Halved cherry tomatoes on top + Add diced garlic and a smidge of Celtic Sea Salt


VOILA= an awesome snack that tastes good, is potent and perfectly in season.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ahem, ahem, is this thing on?

So you see it?  Do you see the new layout?  I suppose you do.  Anyway, we just unveiled our new official logo and image (done by the one and only amazing graphic artist Mikael) for lynays, as well as combining it with the technical info on Heirloom Identity.  Our page has been in limbo as we unroll these image stabilizers.  Now we have one.  Hooray!  Sorry, by the way, if you got like 20 emails from us saying that we posted a new post yesterday.  Wups!  Hope it didn't bother you guys too much.  There's a lot rolling around the pipes right now.  Let me update you on it all.

We are about to unveil a video detailing a trip we will be taking this winter around the eastern and mid western part of the country and all of the details surrounding it.  Also in the video, you'll get a taste of some conspiring* friends, our bigger vision with what lynays is, what we hope it will be and a new sub-project that we pray will be a blessing to a bunch of people.  Keep posted for the video, it should be out sometime around the 23rd of August. 

It's been really apparent that it is time to move forward with our vision.  You may not know this, but lynays was born over the 4th of July week in the back of a truck in Northern New York in 2009!  I know.  Hard to believe.  But it's so much more than a blog, and our online store.  It's our ministry and you'll see why soon.  So we're getting serious and organizing our paperwork as it should be as well as stepping out to do some adventures and outreach that we really feel we are supposed to do.  I can't explain why, but it feels like something.

Pray for us and our mission in the future and guidance that we will honor Him in it all.

By the way, one of my bestest friends gave birth to a  most beautiful little girl this last week.   The baby's name is Ziva.  Congratulations Britney and Azariah (spelling?, sorry!).  Hope to see you soon!  Get lots and lots of rest...for the next 3 months.

And we will be changing a few things on the blog to make it easier to use, and look up old articles.  While you're waiting for all the excitement, check out our new tabs above!

Peace, Love & Lynay-s Forever

Friday, August 5, 2011

SEE THAT SEA Release: Wire Wrapped Pendants and Shells


Now Available!  Wire Wrapped Pendants and Shells on Etsy!

AND we are adding more wire wrapped items everyday.  They are all on a ribbon and/or adjustable hemp.  See pictures below!  Feel free to reserve the one you want or wait for it to come up in our shop.

Bones of Clay, Harnessed in Silver (Wrapped Shell)


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lots of New Pieces and A Sneak Peak at Our New Series

News Headlines:

Sorry it took so long to blog again.

1.  Our camera lens broke, so we are in the process of replacing it, I'm sorry if the pictures are of a lower quality.  We are trying our best to keep the quality up.

2.  We have a lot of new pendants up on Etsy.  Click Here.  These include sea inspired coral, anemone and jellyfish creatures, encased in the magnifying glass.  They are surely fun to look at!

3.  In just a few days, we will be unveiling our newest series of wholesale jewelry.  First here on our blog, you can see a sneak preview of new pieces and the new styles of jewelry making that we are going to have up on etsy.