Thursday, November 15, 2012


Oh yeah, subscribe!  To your right on the screen.  Here's a video filmed while we were at the earthship.

October and November

We spent the first week of October camping at Camp Shand.  What a good community event!  Shared meals, hiking and a lot of music! 

The next week we did a lot of tree pruning and removals and general work.  Then we headed out of town to Vermont.  We drove all night 10 1/2 hours to Huntington, VT, arrived at 7:30 AM, ate some breakfast and worked all day on an earthship.  If you haven't heard of earthships, you can watch the documentary "Garbage Warrior" or just type earthship into youtube. 

Our new friends on the earthship crew spent the next 3 weeks with us up in Vermont working, discovering the area's inspiring businesses and having memorable experiences!  We will be posting a lot of pictures soon. 

After an 11 1/2 hour drive back *inclement weather*, we hauled a 17-foot-long trailer to Sunbury, PA where we now spend days and nights working on renovation of a house in town there.  The weather is turning colder and the camper is not as weatherproof and temperature stable as the earthship was.  The good news is, our homemade compost toilet (thanks bro ty!) is now on site.