Saturday, March 5, 2011

Life is Discerning

 by hikingfortruth
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Listening to Peggy Honeywell. go ahead. go to and put in "Peggy Honeywell". have a listen. It's good stuff.

Lately I'm thinking a lot about being a confused individual in a really strange world that I think I understand so much that it's beyond understanding. And I resent this place. I'd rather be thinking than letting all this pass by though. Mostly, I'd never notice how crazy this place is. People come and go, sceneries come and go, events and ideas come and go. I'm standing solitary in a whirlwind of movement and activity. Going about business. And I'm trying to stay completely still. Not getting sucked into it all.

It's so time consuming that I'm almost...

And in this place, surrounded by people afraid to step out, including myself, and stand solitarily together, we dream and write of a better way. We write dissertations with genius thoughts and expressions but don't find a way to express them in intimate public situations. And people grow weary. Weary of let-down hopes. I'll write these thoughts and they're at the core of who I am, but the next time I meet someone I"ll probably do what I hate, because I do it everytime. Hi, how are you, how are the kids, how is work, all those turbulent whirlwind activities that keep us from getting on a deeper level with one another.

I want to really know people. To be able to act the way I feel and not be concerned about looking like a total wierdie. Because my core is so different than social norms, and I think most people's are, or I'm just hoping I'm not alone, that if I were to remain consistent in this frame of mind, I would be looked on as a total lunatic. Because all social norms, are in one way or another, not totally necessary with divine law in action.

I hope for people who hope that the divine law would overrun our social talmud that is so consumming.

My typos and mixed up sentence constructions are all on purpose.


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