Sunday, January 8, 2012

Charlotte, NC

This post is brought to you from Charlotte, NC.  We rolled in this morning at 6 AM roughly after a few days of adventure!  Let me start from Emory, TX because that is the last time I updated you all.  We left Emory, TX and headed to Cisco, TX.  On arrival, the sun had just set and the coyotes were howling in the distance.  Surrounded by stunted oaks, and a magnificent dark sky, the weather was warm.  Some friends welcomed us into their home and really made us feel like family.  After catching up on years gone by, practicing some music and eating a few stellar dinners (gluten free spaghetti, sushi, gluten free fried shepherd cakes), we attended an uplifting service with the Cisco Assembly.  The service was followed by a true Texas buffet of food and fellowship, a bible study and then we performed about 10 songs.  6 originals, 4 covers.

The evening brought us closer to new friends and old and we stayed up until almost 4 am to prove it.  During that time, we had some more jamming, banjo playing and comedic fits. As we've discovered, when we state we're going to leave at a specific time, you can figure on delaying that 6 to 24 or more hours.  After leaving one house, we had a brunch at another, then a noontime rest at yet another and finally, 6 hours after leaving, we were on the road.

Here are some funny things we encountered in TX:  1.  The first is the last, a neighbor named roadkill who has a tricycle-motorcycle in his front yard, fully decked out with a car's bucket seat.  2.  A pickup hauling what we thought to be a dangerous load (huge round haybale hanging half off the tailgate).  However, after showing video to some Texans, they assured us this was normal and it was secured by a concealed spike.  3.  We picked up what we presume to be a Mexican field workers hat at a goodwill.  It is boss!  You can wear it as a lampshade on a bright day and still see out of it!  Matt, you'd love this thing! 

TX was so much more than I can explain.  There were some really deep bonds developed there.  Thank you TX for being warm, welcoming and for not calling us Yankees too many times.

That night, we drove the whole way through Louisiana and down 55 South to Magnolia, MS.  I just couldn't wait any longer to get some good home cooking from Grandma!  We arrived at around 4:30 AM and hung out in the driveway until 7 AM when she opened the door to feed the cats.  Our plan was that the next three nights would be spent there and we would arrive in Augusta, GA on Friday morning.  After a few days of scrumptious food and bonding with the grandparents, we left Magnolia on our way to GA.  Ten miles later, we were on the side of the road with a cracked radiator.  My uncle was only about a mile down the road.  My grandma set out to rescue us and broke down also.  We all had to be saved, and we were.  The night ended at her house again, both out of a vehicle and destined to a bonus night together.  It was cherished.  Our radiator didn't come in until around 4 pm the next day and my uncles had it repaired by 5.  We set out, after sundown, at 7:30 PM.  Had to go back for a water bottle.  Left again, had to go back for a hat I'd just made for Lydia.  Then we were really off.  We drove all night and pulled into August around 8:30 AM.

At 10 AM, Self Aside met up with us in the parking lot of the Temple of Yahweh and we hugged and played catch up with news and updates.  Services began a little after noon and the rest was so fun.  We played some songs, Self Aside played some songs, then the fellowship meal (mmmhmmmm), then we began to jam some songs from the Frystown songbook.  That turned into circling the chairs and starting a very large drum circle jam with call and response songs.  While still in the circle, feeling the good vibes, we started to play originals and bounced back and forth with Self Aside for a few numbers.  My throat was beckoning for a break and it was getting late, so we packed it up and said our lengthy goodbyes.  Goodbyes are so hard!

Mike and I slept in the girls' hotel room for a few hours and woke everyone up at 3 AM before we departed.  We all said goodbye again, and planned to meet next week in Virginia.  Currently, we are in Charlotte, NC.  This week will find us visiting more grandparents (with more gluttonous food) and various friends all over NC.  As I said, we'll be in Virginia Beach for Sabbath, Yahweh willing.  Next week, we'll have a home-show and jam session in Philadelphia.  Looking forward and thankful for all the new people we've met and for all the old relationships that have been cemented on this trip.  Only two full-official weeks left.  Woohoo!

Peace, love, lynays

P.S. We put our etsy on vacation mode because keeping track of inventory was hard on the road.  However, we'll be opening back up with many new exciting things on February 1st.  A quick hint to our new handmade and vintage items include: vintage clothing, art prints, and fiber arts.  Keep posted!

P.P.S. Also check out this blog: It is very informative and I love it!

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