Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Musical Memories

Make Musical Memories with The Idan Raichel Project

I first started listening to this band a few years ago and can't even remember how I found out about them.  They have a very 'world' sound but mix languages, cultures, styles and have very catchy musical phrasings.  Mostly singing in Hebrew, the band is centered in Israel and has broken sales records there for their releases.  I wasn't hooked at first, but from time to time, all I hear in my head is this band and I have to return and listen to their music.  Not knowing Hebrew, Swahili or Arabic and only un poco Espanol, I can't understand most of what they're saying, but the music speaks so much louder than the words.  I hope you can all enjoy their music.  It's so varied, you almost have to listen to their entire catalogue to get a feel for what they truly are.  One song may have some heavy Arabic sounds, another an Indian vibe, another, wholly African and there's even some legitimate Reggae and Dub involved in one or two tracks. 

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