Monday, November 4, 2013

She Cherishes the Rain

 From the moment we moved here and I woke up from our afternoon nap...finding her sitting outside in the pouring rain....water rushing by her feet, her face turned up toward the sky drinking it in.  Little droplets of rain traveled down her soaked little locks of hair.  I told her she couldn't be outside all alone, she turned around and looked at me, holding up her soaked stuffed pony innocently and so seriously and said "My pony is with me".  From that moment, we find her in the rain all the time.

I bought her a rain coat, which she was so excited about.  Sometimes she uses it.  Sometimes she doesn't.

That little girl reminds me to be thankful for the rainy days too.  A unique adventure AWAITS and AWAKES us if we let it.

So let's go outside the next time it rains, or snows, or blows, and feel all that weather on our skin like it's the first time, or our last.

I'm so glad she cherishes the rain.

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