Friday, April 3, 2015

A New Season

I spent the entire day starting seeds indoors and digging a new bed outside.  I am so sore.  The winds of this valley are still new to me.  But springtime is here.  And she is wonderful.  

This reminds me of something else I have been doing a lot of lately.  A newish season in my life.  Writing has always been a passion in my life. There is something about having three small kids and little time to myself that motivates me to create.  I have been writing.  A lot.

For a few hours every night, I set up my candle and squat on the floor to organize my thoughts, my calendar and my passions.  This turned into a few book concepts which are well on the way.  I realized that writing proposals for publishers is almost more time consuming than coming up with a concept and writing it down.  But I somehow enjoy all of this.

Working with some friends and artists, our first book is being edited and designed in collaboration with a publisher out of Washington state.  While doing specific tasks for the outline, I wanted to do something really creative.  So we designed a few little journals which are going to be sold on Etsy.  One thing leads to another and even though the first book that started all of this is technically done being written, another one has been started.


My lovely creative partner (her exact identity is pending upon her approval of me telling the world) and I have been working on a proposal for another book that is so unbelievably exciting to us.  We have had several meetings which look like this:  Coffee, excitement, constant chatter, nursing, putting kids to sleep again and again, late nights, more chatter, drawing, scribbling, knitting, etc.  You could probably guess what we're writing about.  I hesitate to say just yet.

Until then, springtime is here.  Life is all around.  Gardening is in full swing.  Creation has renewed herself again!  Hooray!!!

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