Monday, May 18, 2015

Cows sweet cows

Every Wednesday and Friday morning, Michael wakes up at 5 AM.  A bike ride uphill brings the man to a place of joy.  A great space to spend the morning while the sun rises.  The pasture is fertile and fresh.  28 hens do their laying and bidding in exchange for housing and daily fresh grass, grubs, chow, safety and water.  Raspberry gives her milk.  Rosebud is her babe.  

By now his hands have become acquainted with the summoning of milk.  Little by little.  The milk sprays into a stainless bucket.

On Wednesdays we have fresh milk.  It turns to yogurt and cheese.  All week we have yogurt and sometimes the cheese lasts more than a day.  

Cows.  Sweet cows.

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