Wednesday, January 27, 2016


A side project we are working on is called #truecostofcraft.  Check out the etsy show... it just opened!   

It's a fun way to show exactly what goes into creating crafty things.  How is the pricing set?  What should it actually be?

#truecostofcraft is a virtual art show / art sale highlighting the true cost of making and selling crafts. Including a breakdown of hours and costs, the show strives to explain the cost of and honestly price each item. The True Cost of Craft is aiming to raise awareness of how much work and time goes into creating sellable products as well as providing a fair wage for the creator. Along with the fun of sharing transparently, each product's description includes the stories which surrounded it's creation.
for example: 

The Burlap Upcycled Meditation Pillow :

A durable, burlap, floor cushion is great for meditation, sitting on the floor or ground, using as a backrest and promoting true up-cycling vibes in any setting. We filled it with lots of discarded plastic grocery bags therefore saving energy for recycling and saving space in a landfill somewhere (or worse, the ocean). People do still use plastic bags. We asked around and collected other people's bags.

#truecostofcraft breakdown:

Original bag of rice : $21.00
Minus the rice we ate : -$20.00
The time it took to fill the bag with people's plastic shopping bags : 30 minutes*
Photography (shooting, uploading, editing, sorting) : 1 hour !

Hourly Wage : $15 

Final Price : $22.50

I love this!!!  

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