Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Bike, A Quilt and our End of Winter Compost

 These were some of our first pictures of Spring this year.  With the sun and the warmer weather after a long, cold, exceptional winter, comes new life and rejuvenation.

Naomi has finally grown into her little bike and loves to glide down our street over and over again.

 There are so many babies on the way.  A big community project was to finish this quilt for a dear friend of ours.  The theme was owls and other than the standard cotton panels on the front, the back is soft and warm with an owl flannel print.  A truly cozy quilt!
All winter, our compost bin has been cooking and processing lots of good organic matter.  This spring marks 1 1/2 years of our humanure operation.  Even on the coldest days, this compost is still cooking hot!  A few more weeks and we will be reaping the benefits of this rich-black gold.