Thursday, July 24, 2014

New Alternative Almanacs

Over the past year I have come across a new hobby.  I have been collecting grassroots-created alternative almanacs.

The first one I came across was produced by the Greenhorns and it blew me away.  The Greenhorns Almanac is pure beauty in my eyes.  Based on preparing the next generation of farmers with timeless information, articles and art, new and old, the Greenhorns Almanac is a source of inspiration, practical knowledge and beauty to feed the soil and to feed the soul.

While at Wild Goose, I came across another Almanac.  This one is called "Wretch" and is more like a pocket calendar with alternative Christian information such as different forms of meditation, articles on peace and justice, notable people and dates of events in the historical Christian calendar, scripture verses, resources and lots of gorgeous art.  I have been carrying mine around and taking daily notes in it.  I love it!

These almanacs are always taking submissions from artists, writers, etc.  If you are either of the above, you should seriously think about submitting articles, drawings or resource information.