Saturday, July 5, 2014

73 miles and 68 miles, The Two Longest Days

Look off in the distance, between the buildings.  The cloud lifts off the mountain.  This cloud which kept the sun off our faces, which misted us gently and kept us cool for hours now ascends the mountains and lifts to the mid-morning sky.
 This is my favorite tea shop, in my favorite town so far on the trip.  Black Mountain, NC just might be the perfect town.  Beauty, simplicity, practical, nestled in the mountains, art, very little franchise existence...great bicycling nearby.

We stopped in the middle of the day to escape the heat, and this is where the Spirit led us.  This cold mountain creek secluded from everything and fully equipped with a fire ring.

A gentle rain began and steam rose from the roads.  We began to ride again, seizing the opportunity to ride in cool weather.

 Our sunrise the next morning, riding another long day, but nature never disappoints when given canvas to landscape herself onto.

Today and yesterday were our two longest rides to date.

7/3/14 - Waking at 4:30 AM and then beginning in Asheville, NC, we rode out of the city and into Black Mountain.  Then descending the mountains and riding the foothills eventually brought us to flatter ground with a view to captivate.  We rode a total of 73 miles and camped on a playground (which the kids loved).

7/4/14 - Waking at 4:30 AM, we rode rolling hills and made our way toward Charlotte.  This experience has shown us a lot of North Carolina already.  We have experienced small artisan communities and localized hicks of the sticks like I've rarely seen...or heard.  I (even one with family in Mississippi) could barely understand the vernacular or dialect of...English?  Friendly folks however.  We arrived shortly before 3 pm in Charlotte, NC after a 68 mile ride.  And our bodies are done.  One tired knee, one tired ankle, a tired tailbone, but otherwise feeling wonderful and present.