Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I felt a Sadness

Today I felt a sadness and a loneliness about me.  I knew I needed a meaningful connection with an old friend.  Pondering friendly voices I could call reminded me that I needed not conversation, but a peaceful companion.

While mulling my needs and tending the children I considered a task which might bring me therapy.  No, not numbing work...my soul responded.  I need a friend who honors my feelings, who exists beyond words, who accepts and loves, who will sit and wait, who will understand.

Hand in hand we sat in prayer, holding sunshine between us, relaxed and listening to the soundscape of early fall... the whispery leaves, the exhaled cricket, murmurs of life all around dancing secretly together...

We created and soothed our aching from the deep wells of sorrow.  We honored that place within us which takes time to feel and be felt.  Something not ideal for healthy conversation between humans in the West.  I held my natural sadness and felt gratitude not for this 'defect' but for this truth of earthly life.

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