Friday, September 5, 2014

Our Final Ride

An official (the tour is over) post.

Eight days ago, we rode our last full touring day.  After some time to reflect and get used to living indoors a bit, I'd like to offer a small farewell post.  I have plenty of ideas and thoughts I'd like to start sharing, but first, to say thank you is imperative.  Everyone who read, commented on, prayed for and encouraged us was just as much a part of the tour as anyone else along the way.

Fall-time is coming fast.  The baby is growing in my belly and getting its little body ready for unveiling.  We have less than 9 weeks of in-utero to traverse.  Though our family is currently experiencing interim...seeing one reality to completion and arranging the next...we are having a terrific time helping with harvest and home in the lovely Berks County.  Puffy headed chickens are eating grapes off the vine and the garden here is bursting with fruit and life.

Some topics I am excited to share soon are the reflections I had on lifestyle while we were journeying.  Thoughts in regards to parenting, community, spirituality, rhythms of daily life, reflection, general meditation, creative space, journaling, Embodying the Petrol-Free Jubilee, physical abilities, security, etc.  I'm excited to get into sharing about these things.

Before we sign off of official tour blog duty, here are two photos.

The beginning of the Petrol Free Jubilee Bicycle Tour...

And a picture of my journal, in the line of duty, where I pre-write blog posts (except this one).

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