Monday, March 9, 2015

Handmade Pads

Honestly, 6 years ago, I wasn't keen on the idea.  Cloth menstrual pads.  Hmm...  It goes against all I knew.  Now, 5 years of cloth diapering later....

Why not?  They're great!  And reusable.  And natural.  And clean.

There's all sorts of information online about them.  All I can say is that they are really fun to make and way more beautiful than the landfill disposables.  I mean, is that really what we want to leave for the archaeologists of the future???  

The following link was my first stumble and revelation:

As she says, "Our first thought may be “Ewww!” but our final thought is “Aaahhh!”  

Cloth toilet paper is the bomb too!

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