Wednesday, March 11, 2015

She is here! Life! Resurrection!

The air is still frigid.  Wind howls through town; and like waves, crashes against any building standing in the way.  

I run and my lungs burn dry with this cold cutting air.  My body tells me, "She is here.  Beneath.  All around.  Spring.  Life."  I jump up and run to see her; but outside, winter is still working hard.  

the birds sing, "When?"

she breathes, "Watch."

Many see these intuitions as 'winter blues'.  But today I know, we are all a pregnant body, feeling the kicks and jabs of blooming life within.  

The flower beseeches, "I am on my way, in my time.  When I am ready.  Prepare a place for me."  A resurrection is imminent.  

My feet are hitting the broken and frozen pavement.  Even though my panting returns, I am full of this future.  The air is still cold.  Winter howls through the towns, like waves, crashing against the shores.  I am thankful for this insight.  

-Excerpt from the journals....February 26, 2014

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