Saturday, July 4, 2015

I Dream of Wildcrafting: A Forager's Journal

I designed a journal for gatherers and foragers... for NeoPrimitives!  

I Dream of Wildcrafting: a forager's journal is 35 pages of doodles and templates for gathering and foraging along with tips, ideas and format suggestions for keeping all of your adventures organized year to year.  The journal is printed on durable linen paper in a natural color.

You can buy one on etsy by clicking HERE!

They are available in print or as a pdf download (just print and go!).  

Our goal was to leave lots and lots of white space for inspiration, doodling, pressing plants, spore printing, ideas, art, etc.

We are going to be running a small etsy shop for primitive crafts and idea sharing.  It is called Sister Chicory.  So far, only the journal is up, but we are ready to unveil some more simple, natural and beautiful items.

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