Tuesday, May 27, 2014

104 Miles Done, Etienne is Teething

Day 1 - 35 miles

Day 2 - 53 miles

Day 3 - 16 miles (Quite a leisurely day!)

Some of the things we've learned so far:

tip 1: Make sure all bolts are fastened tightly before leaving for tour.
tip 2: Always have an extra set of eyes double check handwritten directions
tip 3: When all we can think about is food, we need to stop and eat...it's a sign...
tip 4: Teething babies are a bit more cranky on...well on any day, but especially today!

The kids are doing great.  When they get frustrated, we stop and rest, eat and play...ideally beside flowing water.  This makes all of us cooler, calmer and more balanced.

Mountains are tough.  Even while walking my bike up, I have to stop and rest a few times (or every 50 feet or so).  It's a huge challenge, but my legs will adjust in time, and I will be able to squeak up the hills just like my husband does.  Mike impresses me every moment with his endurance, peace, hauling of the kids and extra gear.  I have my bike a little over 100 pounds right now, I definitely can't lift it, but his load is easily twice what mine is, and he still chugs up these crazy hills and mountains.  I guess his body weight is more than mine, and he has trained much more while riding to work and back all through spring.  We are three days in and I feel like my body is acclimating fast.  The human body is incredible.  I'm doing more and more hills (little and gradual ones) and have been able to balance on my bike much easier than on Day 1.

Last night we had to stay in a random forest at the top of a ridge.  We rode late and as we began to pray for a place, it appeared, just like that.  It was the perfect little den back in the woods (not Posted and no No Trespassing Signs).  It was glorious!  And a miracle that we even spotted it at 10 PM. We took a deer path (bikes and all, difficult) to a clearing.  There was smoke all around us and I couldn't help but think about the Israelites being led by the smoke by day and the fire by night.  The next morning, looking around, we felt the power of how the lilies, the sparrows, and how we are cared for when it seems like we've made no accommodation for ourselves.  There were no other clearings, and what a blessing to have spotted the little spot, or, it felt more like we were guided there.  I've been praying that the mountains be made low a lot lately.  There is so much to think of spiritually while we pilgrimage across this country.

Today we are staying with cousins in York, PA.  Tomorrow we shall be in Maryland.  That's the plan.

I must go.  The rain is coming, we must move into shelter.