Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Vargo is not only local to our hometown, but makes incredible outdoors products.  In our backpacking and tenting adventures, we have learned and feel completely convicted about the necessity of using only Titanium tent stakes.  Vargo makes a really great stake!

After you get your tent set up, bust out your vargo stove and get some food in your belly.  We couldn't be more excited about using Vargo's stoves on our next journey south.  We got a lightweight Vargo alcohol stove.  It is SO light and compact.  The stove is great for boiling water.

To seal the deal, we just got a Vargo Fire Box Grill.  It's only a few ounces, is titanium sturdy and it folds flat.  This is a great all-purpose stove and doesn't require any packed out fuel or container uses sticks.

I'm learning about this titanium thing, and wondering, why did we ever go backpacking with heavy stainless gear?  It costs a little more, but will last it's worth in time and endurance.  Go VARGO!!!