Friday, May 2, 2014

Planet-Wise ... Say goodbye to disposables!!

Planet-Wise has been one of our favorite companies for about four years now.  Our first exposure to their company was when we bought one of their wet-bags.  When Etienne was born, we bought a few more and discovered all of the wonderful products they have.  Using Planet-Wise re-usable (waterproof) trash bags enabled us to switch to a full cloth system.  We no longer use any disposable paper products...and we love our cloth diapers.  For our house, these types of products are essential.

"To reduce our environmental impact, all products have been thoroughly researched and are all PVC-free and lead-free (a surprising fact is that many zippers have been painted using paint that contains lead).  All the products we have developed are reusable and have been designed to replace disposable items which help to reduce waste that ends up in the landfills."
Just read their About page to learn about how conscious and family-oriented companies can be!  Planet-Wise - About

Planet-Wise carries everything from re-usable wipes and wipe pouches to re-usable sandwich bags, trash bags and lunch bags.  We've not been disappointed with this company.  Their products have taken a lot of wear and tear at our house and have stood the test of durability!

We are so glad that Planet-Wise has partnered up with us to go on our bicycle tour.  We'll be using them the whole way!