Monday, August 25, 2014

The Tiny House Prevails!

Tiny home.  Tiny house.  I slumbered in your womb.  Your ability to comfort, surround, impress has not been lost on me.  The tiny home is worth her fame.  The sleep was splendid.  Never a moment of claustrophobia.  I could winter warmly and comfortably in the tiny home!  Thank you for this experience!  May I say that all who are skeptical must be immersed into her real and practical existence.  Go and sleep in a tiny home.  Spend a moment of your life imagining a world where we consume less and are happy with little material burden.  Trust one who feels this freedom from the dizzying rat race which many run.

The bunk above is spacious.  There is more than three feet of clearance above your head while sitting.    The convertible couch below sleeps our whole family with room to spare and much head room.

The beams in this photo, with the addition of some netting, are perfect for hanging herbs, drying plants, storing garlic and onions for the winter, etc.

Monstrous thanks to our dear friends for offering us hospitality in this model home!  I see the reality as definite possibility.  My definitions of needed space are shrinking rapidly.

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