Thursday, June 12, 2014

600+ miles DONE! 199 to go... memorializing

Falling in love with the South?  The roads have been so flat so far.  It's been hot, but beautiful.  We are currently in Winston-Salem, NC hanging out at the Washington Perk, a great little coffee and grocery store/deli.  Last night we slept on our friend's sprawling porch, listening to the rain gently falling all around the house.  The sun woke us little by little and the rain tapered off.  A bird sang to us intimately, waking us for a time and then left unanswered.

Today we head toward the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We have less than 200 miles to ride to our destination in Hot Springs, NC.  We've gone so far, we've gotten so dark and have had an incredible adventure, not to mention all of our new dear-friends.

Also, remembering Todd Martinez, a bicyclist killed back in February.  We passed his memorial yesterday and it was moving.  We passed a ghost bike.  Prayers for his widow and kids as well as the poor kid who hit him.