Monday, June 16, 2014

750 Miles of Bike Riding with Toddlers, Gear, Heat, and The Time of Our Lives!

Where to even begin? I guess where I left off... somewhere around Day 16...
Day 16 - 55 miles (Staunton River State Park to Danville, VA)
Day 17 -  36 miles (Danville, VA to a stealth campsite in NC somewhere)
Day 18 - 33 miles (Stealth site to Winston-Salem, NC)
Day 19 - 49 miles (Winston-Salem, NC to Lydall, NC)
Day 20 - 52 miles (Lydall, NC to Boone, NC)  ...a SUPER difficult 52 miles!  In the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains!  Ascended our first mountain (3,300 + foot ascent took 2+ hours)
Day 21 - 9 miles
Day 22 - 7 miles
Day 23 - Today!

Exciting events:  Etienne super grumpy with teething woes for 4 days straight... climbing mountains, seeing incredible views!...meeting many new friends in Boone, NC...drinking coffee, necessary bike maintenance (broken spoke for Tyler, bald tires on trailer), ate at Farm Cafe (a gift economy cafe), did some great Yoga with Thomas (our new friend)...Boone pics to come!

Ascending Mt. Boone!!! 1.5 hours in...
Up, up, up, up, up, up........
AT THE TOP!!!  Officially on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
The views are unreal.

Camping out in heaven possibly.
Some minestrone.  So good.  So good.
Our gourmet chef for the evening.