Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Big Day - First Chicory, Sag Vans, Visit From Friends!

Day 13 - 52 miles (Farmville, VA to Scottsburg, VA)
Day 14, 15 - No Riding!!! Rest!  Yay!

We had a gorgeous ride on Day 13!  There were a lot of highlights, which is why this will get it's own post.

After getting to the top of a huge hill, a big van pulled up beside us which had bikes on the roof and writing all over the windows.  I knew right away it was a sag van.  A sag van is a vehicle that carries gear and various things for bike tours.  This one was about 20 college kids riding 4,000 miles as a fund raiser for cancer.  This sag van was...full of snacks!  They graciously offered us water and snacks and we got to meet some new friends.  What a treat!  Also, the odds of us doing this same route, on the same day...pretty slim.  AND we found out that they were at the meeting that our host was at back in Fredericksburg on the same night we were staying at his house.  Weird!  That host was taking about 15 teenager Eagle Scouts on a tour from San Diego to Virginia Beach starting June 4.  See?  We're not the only ones!  That's for sure.

Here is the link to the 4k for Cancer Folks:

And here is the photo of the sag van.

Another treat for us, was a visit from Mike's dad for the weekend.  He came up and met us at Staunton River State Park.  We had a lot of fun and felt so blessed to have him around for laughing and good times.  Naomi got to go fishing, which she's been going on and on about for over a week!

I forgot to mention the best part...that we bought a box of night crawler earth worms for the fishing.  Well, only one was used.  The rest were saved.  Named.  Became Naomi's pets.  They were carried around all day in their box.  They went down the slide, hung out on the playground and then went to the campground movie night and sat in the first row.  This morning they were set free to start life new.  A chance they never thought they would get.  Naomi is such a riot.

Pool time!

The most special event on Friday was the first Chicory sighting of the year!!!  Sorry the picture is not in focus.  The chicory plant grows in mostly abandoned places.  More on this to come, but we had to share the sighting.  We were all hooting and hollering.