Tuesday, June 24, 2014

We're at Wild Goose! 1,000 Miles of Bicycling Done

Hanging out in Asheville... Destined meet-ups!  

We've been trying to get together with this family for over 2 years!  Here is our random, street meeting and a picture of the pot-luck we joined in on.  


Naomi's 4th Birthday Cake!  A delicious, pink vanilla, organic, fair trade, vegan cake.  It slid on the bike ride from the bakery to Zia Taqueria.  That did not affect the taste!

When vegans eat birthday cake rarely, they make funny faces.

The kids' new 'Uncle Mark'.  Not to replace their original Uncle Mark in any way, however.  

Etienne playing in fountain water at Dobra Tea House.

We sat for hours, reading the menu, drinking tea, laughing and relaxing.

Naomi slept through her sugar coma at Dobra.

A gorgeous place.

The birthday girl enjoying A Taste of Kashmir tea with warm soy milk and Appalachian honey.

Almost in Hot Springs!

We picked up a 4th cyclist.  An old friend from Wild Goose 2012!  We all rode in together and had a great day of climbing mountains and laughing hysterically at the human potential of overcoming huge mountainous obstacles (even though we're just molecules of water and sometimes watermelons bumbling forward).

While riding on a sparsely travelled road, a sound came from the forest and looking up, while riding by, we see this boy tumbling down the hill shrieking in pain.  This 12 year old wrecked quite badly going *way too fast down a windy road.  We were there at the moment he got all road rashed and dashed  and gashed and bruised...sitting with him, washing out wounds and comforting his cries...praying for his recovery.