Monday, August 11, 2014

A Ride Through Western Virginia

The day was unusual...highly anticipated...enchanting in so many ways.  First, we began at a church beside a major highway.  Not so special.  After riding out of town, we were taken aback by the weather and by the scenery.  Special.  These vibes remained until we entered Harrisonburg, about 30 miles to the north.

The Weather... Immediately after getting into the countryside, it was apparent that the wind would make riding challenging.  However, the scenery was fantastic and kept us content.  Our ride headed north through a valley in those great Shenandoah mountains.  The hills rolling all around us were a deep emerald green which travelled far to the grand wall of high rounded blue ridges to our left and to our right.  Grasses grew high in these vast pastures and dramatically swayed with the gusty breezes.  The sky a deep blue with puffy white clouds so very far above.

Cows, mostly Jerseys, spread through the lands soaking up sun and eating rich fodder.  The air was so crisp with a fall-time feeling.  We rolled up and down endless humps in awe of this day and of this beauty.  My romantic ideas of Austrian countryside were gratified by this experience.

Romantic?  Yes!  Hopeless?  No!

The ride continued up Keezletown Road in Harrisonburg with lots of tight steep hills.  This was a challenge and then we saw the sign welcoming us into the arms of this great city.  The view beyond was worth all the hard work.  More green.  More mountains.  Cool air.  Only two miles to go.

We are beyond thanks for this opportunity.  To see the violets, indigos and purple beauties.  The chicory, the thistle, the teasel, all in bloom and vibrant.  Bees danced from one to the next, eating their summer feast.

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