Monday, August 25, 2014

From Harrisonburg to Lancaster.... Over 2,000 Miles!

The 200 miles leading to Lancaster...though you may think 'you made it, you're home', it's not quite true.  We are in Pennsylvania, true.  We are from Lancaster, true.  We still have about 200 miles to ride however.  There are still more stops to be made, people to see.  The tour goes on.  

Matt joined us for the week and is getting ready to leave Harrisonburg, VA.

After a night in Maurertown, the Chicory was vibrant.

Harpers Ferry

Communing Bicycles of the Womenfolk

In Berrytown, VA with baby Ephraim!

Michael and Matt sharing a traditional Quaker greeting!  What a beautiful tradition this is.

Sun-choke Flowers

Gettysburg, PA at Sundown

Crossing the Susquehanna into Lancaster County.

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